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Tech 21 SansAmp Original Classic Not Reissue FOR SALE!

Folks this the real deal! This is not the new SansAmp Classic Reissue now selling for $280 plus ship or even the SansAmp Classic which is a reissue of the original SansAmp used by Robin Trower and many more major acts listed down below.

In fact, there are few records you've heard from the last 20 years until now that haven't used one in the studio to some degree. The SanAmp Original listed here is extremely rare and you won't find many floating around because they're mostly sitting as prized tools in major recording studios around the world.

This is the SanVintage SansAmp Original (early pre Classic) EXC COND guitar amp simulator
Early / original model SansAmp amp simulator and factory a/c power adapter, from Tech 21 NYC box and manual. This is NOT a "SansAmp Classic", but the original model that the Classic version is patterned after.

Serial number 30178 which I believe is the 178th one made since the original units were only made in a small batch. This unit is in excellent to mint functional and cosmetic condition with all original manual and an extra example sound fold out page, original serialized box. This is the one with the prettier, shiny raised type grain instead of the plain flat Classic finish that came later.

Most tone guru recording artists insist on only using the SansAmp original listed here vs. the SansAmp Classic, which is a re-issue of this original and the new Classic Reissue, which is a reissue of the Classic!

It's  None of the cheaper mass produced parts of today, just pure amp tones of the highest quality parts from yester year and which is exactly what you're hearing on your favorite records, not the Classic version.

Price: $379.95 FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 US States.

PayPal Safe transaction! Whether you belong to Paypal or not, you can still pay through Paypal with a debit or credit card with or without joining PayPal.

NOTE: International buyers or buyers outside the contiguous 48 states, please contact me first for ship rate to your country and I will send you an invoice with ship cost added.

More below....


Interview with Robin Trower the King of Tone....
St. James: Your tone is such a classic; people really want to emulate it. Has it changed over the years, the gear you’re using?

Trower: I think it’s fundamentally the same sort of concept, you know. But, obviously, you change equipment all the time. I mean, just this past year, I’ve been using this thing called a SansAmp, which I’ve used for most of the album, in conjunction with other things.

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The 3-position input switch gives you a choice of pre-amp styles:
For Marshall®-type pre-amps with mid-range and highs emphasized For Mesa Boogie®-type pre-amps For Fender®-type pre-amps (excellent for rhythm guitar as well as bass)
The knob controls shape pre-amp contours, power amp contours, volume and final tone. With SansAmp Classic, there are countless (we know, we've tried) permutations for you to explore.
Sample style settings include: Vintage (AC/DC) and Hot-Wired (Van Halen) Marshall®; Mesa Boogie®; Hiwatt®; Fender® Lead (B.B. King), Rhythm and Bass; and Ampeg SVT®.
SansAmp Classic - Musical Snapshots
Style Short Sample
Blues Listen
Country Listen
EJ Style Listen
Hard Rock Listen
Jazz Listen

Famous Tech 21 SansAmp Users

Band or Affiliation
Kenny Aaronson Joan Jett, Derringer, Foghat
Will Adler Lamb of God
AJ Hellfire Trigger
Spencer Albee Rocktopus, Rustic Overtones
Jeff Ament Pearl Jam
Michael Anthony Van Halen
Brian Arsenault Gary Allan Band
Melissa Auf der Maur Smashing Pumpkins, Hole
Brian Auger Oblivion Express
Angela Babin Attack of the Surf Mamas, The Ordinaires
Matt Bachand Shadows Fall
Randy Bachman The Guess Who, BTO
Costa Balamatsias Paul Colman, Ian Eskelin, Landon Pigg, The Benjamin Gate
Dan Baldrich  
Richard Barone  
Aston "Family Man" Barrett The Wailers
Mike Bauer Pam Tillis
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Doobie Brothers, King of the Hill
Chris Beattie Hatebreed
Michael Beinhorn, Producer  Ozzy, Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson, Hole
Adrian Belew  
Matthew Bellamy Muse
Bryan Beller Steve Vai, Mike Keneally, Dweezil Zappa
Alan Bello Eminence
Steve Berlin Los Lobos
Richard K. Bernstein Rammstein
Owen Biddle Roots, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Henkka T. Blacksmith Children of Bodom
Russell Blake Sonny Rollins Band
Tchad Blake, Engineer Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Los Lobos
Blasko Rob Zombie
Blue Man Group  
Tim Bob Rage Against the Machine
Rachel Bolan Skid Row
Ross C. Bolton Al Jarreau, David Sanborn
Bruce Bouton Garth Brooks
Billy Brault Split Shift
Chris Broderick Jag Panzer
Rex Brown Pantera
Bob Bryar Thrice
Ryan Burchfield Depswa
Hunter Burgan AFI
Mitch Burman goneblind
T-Bone Burnett  
Emily Burton Fireball Ministry
Jonathan Buske The Promise
Phil Caivano Monster Magnet
Matt Cameron Pearl Jam
Chris Camden Liar's Academy
Jeff Campbell Sting
John Campbell Lamb of God
Tony Campos Static X
Ben Carey Lifehouse, Savage Garden
Alain Caron  
Zachary Carothers Portugal. The Man
Justin Chancellor Tool
Peter Charell Trapt
Stuart Chatwood Tea Party
Chi Cheng Deftones
Pete Chilton Bane, Silent Drive
Greg Christian Testament
Andy Cichon Shania Twain
T.D. Clark  
Todd Clark Pilate
Angus Clarke Kitaro
Gilby Clarke  
Les Claypool Primus
George Clinton  
Terry Clouse Somnambulist
Roger Clyne Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Kurt Cobain Nirvana
Bootsy Collins  
Chris Conley Saves the Day
Stu Cook CCR
Chris Corner Sneaker Pimps
Mike Couls Sworn Enemy, Agents of Man, Merauder
Andre Coutu Celine Dion
Sheryl Crow  
Crowded House  
Carmine d'Amico Carmine d'Amico Ensemble 
Eban D'Amico Saves the Day
Wayne Dahl Martina McBride
Traa Daniels P.O.D.
Mike D'Antonio Killswitch Engage
Jay Dee Daugherty Patti Smith
Def Leppard  
Rubens de la Corte Angelique Kidjo, Eliane Elias
Robert DeLeo Stone Temple Pilots
Brad Delson Linkin Park
Joey DeMaio Manowar
Dion De Nardo Shutdown
Joe Deninzon Stratospheerius
Amir Derakh Orgy
Buck Dharma Blue Oyster Cult
Peter Dice Blind by Choice
Chris Difford Squeeze
Ani Di Franco  
J.D. Donot Donots
Edsel Dope Dope
Jon Dubois Shadows Fall
Adam Duce Machine Head
The Dust Brothers  
Roger Eaton Barbara Mandrell, Lorrie Morgan
Rob Echevaria Biohazard
Colin Edwin Porcupine Tree
David Ellefson Megadeth
Shane Embury Napalm Death
Mark Endert, Producer Maroon 5
Bjorn Englen Yngwie Malmsteen
Brian Eno  
John Entwistle The Who
Craig Erikson  
John Scott Evans  
Alvin Ewen Steel Pulse
Bob Ezran, Producer  
The Fab Four  
Jimmy Fallon Saturday Night Live
Fast Fun Lovin' Criminals
Jonas Feinberg The Hope Conspiracy
John Ferenzik Todd Rundgren
Tracy Ferrie Stryper, Rebecca St. James Band
Greg Fidelman, Producer  
Fieldy Korn
Anton Fig The Late Show with David Letterman
Jon Finn David Allan Coe
Jared Followill Kings of Leon
Andrew Ford David Crosby
Tim Foreman Switchfoot
Tony Franklin Donna Lewis, The Firm, Blue Murder
Audley Freed The Black Crowes
Marty Friedman Megadeth
Robert Fripp King Crimson
Bill Frisell  
Koichi Fukuda Static X
Peter Gabriel  
Jeffrey Gaines  
Michael Gallo Agnostic Front
Jeff Ganz Johnny Winter, Roy Buchanan, John Lee Hooker
Benj Gershman O.A.R.
Billy Gibbons ZZ Top
Melvin Gibbs Rollins Band
Richard Gilewitz  
David Gilmour Pink Floyd
Roman Glick Brother Cane
Judah Gold JGB
Bobby Goldsboro  
Ray Gomez  
Lukasz Gottwald Saturday Night Live Band
Billy Gould Faith No More
Jeff Golub Rod Stewart, Billy Squier
Stone Gossard Pearl Jam
Mike Graham David Allan Coe
Grateful Dead  
Randy Gregg Thin Lizzy, Angel
Paolo Gregoletto Trivium
Jesse Gress Todd Rundgren
Paul Grey Slipknot
Ian Grushka A New Found Glory
Jairo Guedz Eminence
Trey Gunn King Crimson
Mike H. The Bravery
Steve Hackett Genesis
Bruce Hall REO Speedwagon
Daryl Hall Hall & Oates
Chuck Hammer Lou Reed, David Bowie
Page Hamilton  
Tom Hamilton Aerosmith
Stu Hamm Joe Satriani Band
Noah Harmon The Airborne Toxic Event
Ben Harper Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
Todd Harrell 3 Doors Down
Mike Hartsfield A18
Chris Henderson 3 Doors Down
John Hiatt  
Kenny Hickey Type O Negative
David Hidalgo Los Lobos
Steve Hinson Randy Travis
Steve Howe Yes
Hoya Madball
Hunter AFI
Tony Hymas Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce Band
Chrissie Hynde The Pretenders
Mike Inez Alice in Chains, Black Label Society
Toshi Iseda  
Eddie Jackson Queensryche
Joe Jackson  
Ronald W. Jackson Jr.  
Darryl Jenifer Bad Brains
John 5 Marilyn Manson
Damon Johnson Brother Cane
Darryl Jones Rolling Stones
Mick Jones Foreigner
Quincy Jones Band  
Paulo Junior Sepultura
Greg K The Offspring
Mike Keneally Frank Zappa, Beer for Dolphins
Rob Kerry Full Scale
Jack Kilcoyne Mushroomhead
Carole King  
Kaki King  
Tim King SOil
Jon Kita Diecast
Anna Kjellberg Drain S.T.H.
Tom Klimchuck Pro-Pain
Troy Klontz Brooks & Dunn
Al Kooper  
Conrad Korsch Rod Stewart
Lenny Kravitz  
Skip Krevens Larry Gatlin, Ann-Margret, Pam Tillis, Be Be Wynans, John Schneider
Mike Kroeger Nickelback
Geert Kroes Blind Sight
Richard Kruspe Rammstein
Rob Kucharek Autopilot Off
Kuddel Die Toten Hosen
Bruce Kulick KISS, Union
Kuk downthesun
Alexi Laiho Children of Bodom
Greg Lake ELP
Dirk Lance Incubus
Paul Landers Rammstein
k.d. lang band  
Marc Langis Celine Dion
Damon LaScott Meatloaf, Trans Siberian Orchestra
Steve Larson Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Roope Latvala Children of Bodom
Cyndi Lauper  
Jon Lawhon Black Stone Cherry
Simon LeBon Duran Duran
Tim Lefebvre Rudder
Steve Lemke It Dies Today
Michael Lepond Symphony X
Germain Leth Ariadna Project, Watchmen
Chris Leusinger Garth Brooks
Geddy Lee Rush
Jake E. Lee  
Royce Lee Madball
Will Lee The Late Show with David Letterman
Adrian Legg  
Claude LeMay Celine Dion
Jared Leto 30 Seconds to Mars
Bill Leverty Firehouse
Tony Levin King Crimson, Peter Gabriel
Phil Lipscomb Taproot
Pete Loeffler Chevelle
Karl Logan Manowar
Mike Longworth Prong
Jeff Lorber  
Luscious Jackson  
Matt Lynch A18
Nicholas Lynch A18
Dom Macaluso Throwdown
Al MacDowell Jazz Solo Artist
Chris Mackie Bad Acid Trip
Greg Mackie Mackie Designs
John "Slo" Maggard Unearth
Yngwie Malmsteen  
Mitchell Marlow Filter
Jerry Marotta Suzanne Vega
Eddie Martinez Robert Palmer
Ryan Martinie Mudvayne
Kerry Marx Johnny Cash
Jim Matheos Fates Warning
Scott Mathews, Producer Dick Dale
Glen Matlock The Sex Pistols
Mawk HED (p.e.)
Richard McClain Jeff Carson Band
Mike McCready Pearl Jam
Steven McDonald Beck
Jeff McElroy Kitaro
John McFee Elvis Costello, Doobie Brothers
Mark McGee Luvplanet
Sid McGinness Peter Gabriel, The Late Show with David Letterman
Michael McKeegan Therapy
Blackbird McKnight P-Funk All Stars
Marc McKnight Atreyu
Justin Meldal-Johnsen Beck
Marco Mendoza Thin  Lizzy
Robert Mercurio Galactic
Robbie Merrill Godsmack
Mike Merritt Late Nite with Conan O'Brien
Andi Meurer Die Toten Hosen
Shaun Michaud Fates Warning
Allan Miller Cristy Lane
Brent Milligan Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith
Roger Miret Agnostic Front
Larry Mitchell  
Billy Mohler The Calling
Charles Moniz Avril Lavigne
John Montalbano Public Enemy, Ali Rap Soundtrack (ESPN)
Stanton Moore Galactic
Bernardo Morales Voces del Rancho
Chuck Morpurgo Dallas Moore Band
James Morris Downset
Mick Morris Eighteen Visions
Mark Morton Lamb of God
Mark Mothersbaugh DEVO
Roger Moutenot, Producer Yo La Tengo, Paula Cole, Bill Frisell
John Moyer Disturbed
Mike Mraz Hoods
James Murphy Testament
Noble British Sea Power
Jason Newsted Ozzy, Metallica
Nine Inch Nails  
Donnie Nossov John Waite, Pat Benatar, Alannah Myles, Cher
Lee Novak Savage Garden
Paul Nowinski Les Paul Trio
Ric Ocasek  
Jerry Only Misfits
Orange 9mm  
Egan O'Rourke Daylight Dies
John Outcalt God Forbid
Raul Pacheco Ozomatli
Pino Palladino Pete Townshend, Don Henley
Gil Parris Solo Artist
Nicki Parrot Les Paul Trio
Hal Patino King Diamond
Richard Patrick Filter
Les Paul  
Kendall Payne  
Tim Payne Thursday
Jack Pearson Allman Brothers
Tom Petersson Cheap Trick
Paul Pesco Madonna, Annie Lennox, Cher
Jeff Pevar Joe Cocker, Rickie Lee Jones, David Crosby, CPR
Ray Phiri Paul Simon
Phoenix Linkin Park
John Pierce Mick Jagger, School of Fish
Tim Pierce  
Laz Pina Ill Nino
Doug Pinnick King's X
Pogo Marilyn Manson
Cveto Polak Sank Rock
Dave Pomeroy All-Bass Orchestra, Chet Atkins
Mike Porcaro Toto
Frankie Poullain The Darkness
Otto Price DC Talk
Joe Principe Rise Against
Puff Daddy Producer, Solo Artist
Robert Quine Lou Reed, Matthew Sweet
Tony Rambola Godsmack
Will Ray Hellecasters
Lou Reed  
Vernon Reid Living Colour
Ginger Reyes Smashing Pumpkins
Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails
Bob Rice Van Dyke Parks, Bonnie Raitt
Oliver Riedel Rammstein
Riggs Rob Zombie
Brian Ritchie Violent Femmes
Sam Rivers Limp Bizkit
Paul Robinson Dan Hicks, Al Stewart
Rich Robinson The Black Crowes
Bob Rock, Producer Metallica, The Cult, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi
Chris Rodriguez Amy Grant, Shania Twain, Kenny Loggins
Paul Romanko Shadow's Fall
Cesar Rosas Los Lobos
Mike "LURK" Ruehle Full Blown Chaos
RZA Wu-Tang Clan
Danny Saber, Producer U2, Rolling Stones, Black Grape
Dave "Snake" Sabo Skid Row
Dave Salyer Barbara Mandrell
Richie Sambora Bon Jovi
Tom Sanchez Liquid Soul
Rudy Sarzo Quiet Riot, Whitesnake
Joe Satriani  
Rick Savage Def Leppard
Mel Schacher Grand Funk Railroad
Jerry Scheff Elvis Costello, Elvis Presley
Michael Schenker MSG
Scott Schoenbeck Dashboard Confessional
Alex Scholpp Farmer Boys
Neil Schon Journey
Keith Scott Bryan Adams
Nick Scropos Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Randy Scruggs  
Roger Seagal Trashlight Vision
Evan Seinfeld Biohazard
Craig Setari Sick of It All
Larry Seymour Billy Idol
Tony Shanahan Patti Smith
Elliot Sharp  
Shavo System of a Down
James Shepard Nevermore
Kenny Wayne Shepherd  
Jim Sheppard Nevermore
Andy Shernoff The Dictators
Kevin Shirley, Producer Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Dream Theater
Ricky Showalter Liquid Soul
Scott Shriner Weezer
Shaun Sisco Hellfire Trigger
Tommy Sisco Luvplanet
Leland Sklar Barefoot Servants
Alex Skolnick  
Skylark Doobie Brothers
Acey Slade Dope
Jason Slater Snake River Conspiracy
Smashing Pumpkins  
Tim Smith Atreyu
Lane Soderberg Houston
Darren Solomon Barry Manilow, Ray Charles
John Spiker Filter, Tenacious D
Bruce Springsteen  
Fred Stallcup Rio Grand
Adam Stanger Jerry Cantrell
Ed Stasium Ramones, Living Colour, Biohazard, Tea Party
Chris Steele Alexisonfire
Roger Steen The Tubes
Sebastian Steinberg Dixie Chicks, Soul Coughing
Mike Stern  
Tommy Stinson Guns N' Roses
Roine Stolt Flower Kings, Transatlantic
Byron Stroud Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory
Michael Sweet Stryper
Robby Takac Goo Goo Dolls
Gary Talley Box Tops
Courtney Taylor Dandy Warhols
Take That  
Mike Tempesta Powerman 5000
Richard Thompson  
David Torn  
Scott Totten Beach Boys
Traa P.O.D.
Robin Trower  
Eric Troyer Celine Dion, ELO, Meatloaf
Rob Trujillo Metallica, Ozzy
Bilgehan Tuncer Tarkan
Robby Turner Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings
Soozie Tyrell Bruce Springsteen
Steve Vai  
Suzanne Vega  
Joey Vera Fates Warning, Armored Saint
Tony Visconti David Bowie, T-Rex
Jimmy Vivino Late Nite with Conan O'Brien
Tom Waits  
Matt Wallace, Producer Faith No More, The Replacements
Randall Waller Shania Twain
Joe Walsh Eagles, James Gang
Paul Weller The Jam, Style Council
Brian White Dog Fashion Disco
Jack White White Stripes, The Raconteurs
Brad Whitford Aerosmith
Chris Whitley  
Hank Williams III  
Doug Wimbish Living Colour
William Wittman Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, Too Much Joy
Christian Olde Wolbers Fear Factory
Todd Wolfe Sheryl Crow
Chris Wolstenholme Muse
Ryan Wombacher Bleeding Through
Michael Woods America
Chris Wyse The Cult, Ozzy Osbourne
Malcolm Young AC/DC
Mark Young (hed) p.e.
J. Yuenger White Zombie
Dweezil Zappa  
Neil Zaza  
Marco Coti Zelati Lacuna Coil
Drew Zingg Steely Dan
Vinnie Zummo Joe Jackson