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Supro Model 16T Amp with 8" Jensen Speaker

19 1/4" Wide x 14 1/4" High with All 3/4" Sides

Top width 7 1/2" on angle to Bottom Width 8 1/4"

Not sure how high this back cover shoud be or if needs air holes. Current homeade cover is 17 1/2" wide by 4 1/2" high. Speaker jacks.

Amp Head is 16" wide with 3/4" spacer block on both sides to secure it inside the 19 1/4" wide cabinet.

Amp Head is 3 5/8" high

(6 1/2" high to end of longest tube). Head sits in 2 1/2" into cab and transformer extends inward 6" from insode of amp chassis lip

Speaker is 8" Jensen. More room needed for 12 " Celestion G12H with 5" deep 10 pound weight.

Head is 2 1/4" in from the outer edge on both sides.

Amp head sits 2 5/8" back with 1/4" space for outside panel cover.

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