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Robin Trower Performs at Penn's Peak PA October 3, 2009

This was the show of all shows! My third this year. First Cleveland House of Blues in June, then The Palace in Greensburg, PA and now Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA. While both other venue were great, Penn's Peak was incredible! It's this gargantuan wood beam place about the size of a football field with 200 foot high ceilings and the place was packed with what appeared to be around 1500-2000 people!

Robin and the band was in top form and kicked all ass. Most of the riffs and solos he played were unlike anything from the previous times before and unlike anything I've heard him play on any of his records, including his newest on "What Lies Beneath". He was on fire and the audience let him know it all through the performance with deafeningly loud cheers, not far removed from the packed stadiums he used to tour back in the 70s.

The band were all tight as a drum. Pete Thompson pounded out every song like a champ with majestic cymbals crashing at all the right times to really dramatize Robin's heavy at times and sweeter than sweet others. Davey Pattison, well what can you say about him other than if James Dewar would have a clone, it would be the wee man. His soulful singing puts the icing on the cake and you just gotta love Glenn Letch's thumping bass and big smile adds a lot of energy to show.

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Robin using 2 Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50 watt heads into 2 x Cornell 2x12 Vintage 30 Open back cabs, colors and grill selected by Robin

Pretty setup eh?! There's 2 more monster Marshall 2466 100 watt heads and 2 x 4x12 Fawn V30 loaded cabs behind those 2.

Robin Trower's signature up top on the headstock!

Sleepy but content!



Pepper and Cindy chillin'

Still goo goo after last night's really big shoooo

Peppi chillin'

Penn's Peak area mountains. What a view that place has.

Jim Thorpe PA. No wonder he was such an athelete running up those hills...I mean mountains!

Headed on home to the burg!