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As you probably know, Jimi Hendrix used mainly a Fender Stratocaster guitar through Marshall Amplifier stacks along with several effects pedals. He also did extensive sound manipulation in the studio. The main pedals he used where the Vox,  Clyde McCoy Wah Wah pedal (told to me by my friend and music coach Andy Aledort who will be playing with Jimi Hendrix's remaining Band members in Fuji Japan with The Jimi Hendrix Experience July 31st & Aug 1st, 2004! Andy saw a picture of Jimi holding one upside down that bore a pic of Clyde McCoy who was a famous trumpet player way back. Clyde wasn't the best trumpet player in the world, but was famous for the special quacky wah effect he produced.

Andy Aledort is the closest living player to Jimi himself, nearly having all his recordings down pat and that's saying a lot. Click his name above to learn more about him. Now back to the gear. Jimi also used a Uni-Vibe to get that watery swirling sound you may have heard on songs like Machine Gun and Robin Trower's "Bridge Of Sighs" and he used an Octavia pedal to get high harmonic sounds you may have heard on the solo in "Purple Haze" and several other songs, along with a Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, and a Leslie rotating speaker device heard on many songs through Marshall Amplifier stacks to get the wild distortion and feedback. All of those pedals were used in different combinations to get various effects, plus other studio effects to get other otherworldly sounds.

Are You Experienced is attempting to produce those sounds and below are some of the effects pedals that produce those sounds in near exactness, including the Sweet Sound Ultra-Vibe (Uni-Vibe clone that is the closest available to the original using all original geranium transistors and photocells that produce the watery swirling effect, the Clyde McCoy Wah wah pedal re-issue, and a Voodoo Labs PrOctavia, the emulates the original Octavia and in my opinion has a little extra kick.

More info and gear pics coming soon!

If you're a pickup junkie like me, a good friend of mine, Aaron, at Rumpelstiltskin Pickups custom winds Fender type pickups to spec from any era and can customize to suit. Check out his site and sound clips.

I got the great Pedal Pad Pedal Board at: Pedal Board Effects Pedals Boutique

Fender Stratocaster - Marshall 100MG DFX - Yamaha DGX 202 Keyboard, Various Pedals

Vox Clyde McCoy Re-Issue Wah Wah & Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Cry Baby Pedals

Behringer V-Amp, Ultra Vibe ala Trower, Jimi, Channel Switch

PedalPad loaded with a few more pedals still on backorder


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