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Fender Custom 50's Pickups

This is the bridge pickup of a set of 3 Fender Custom 50's pickups found in the '56 Stratocaster Closet Classic model, the Dick Dale Strat and the Robin Trower Signature Stratocaster model. The pole pieces have the slightly rusted and darker varnished look vs. the newer custom 50's found in the '56 Strat NOS* that have kind of a aluminum bright metal look to them. Notice the small, almost unnoticeable, bevel while the NOS model seems to have a wider, very noticeable bevel. This bridge pup measured in at 5.91k while the neck and middle measured at 5.44k. It's also wound with the bright copper type wire vs. the darker black enameled wire used on the Fender CS 60's pickups.

To hear what they sound like, click here

If you're a pickup junkie like me, a good friend of mine, Aaron, at Rumpelstiltskin Pickups custom winds Fender type pickups to spec from any era and can customize to suit. Check out his site and sound clips.

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