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Celestion G12C used in Jimi Hendrix Marshall JH100 Amplifier Stack
and the new Marshall Vintage Modern series Amplifiers

These are 2 like new Celestion G12C Greenback speakers rated at 25 watts @ 16 Ohms each for a total of 50 watts, wired in series for 8 Ohms. They were pulled from a new MARSHALL 425B cabinet, tested to ensure they worked. These are the re-engineered Hendrix-style version of the G12M Greenbacks made for the new Jimi Hendrix Marshall JH100 Amplifier Stack and the new Marshall Vintage Modern Series amplifiers, both of which utilize the warm sounding KT66 power tubes as used by Jimi at Monterey and on many of his early recordings.

These needed to be broken in as they were only used for reference testing purposes in a sound lab for several minutes.

Sound Characteristics: Using a Dr. Z Route 66 Amplifier with the same KT66 power tubes and a Fulltone '69 Germanium Fuzz Face, these speakers sound very smooth, airy and very woody. When compared to the Celestion Vintage speakers, they are nowhere near as aggressive in the mids or highs and very reminiscent of the G12H 70th Anniversary speaker but somewhat livelier, not as stiff or dark. The speaker cones are stamped 53H177 which I've read around various forums to have been the same type cones used in the '70s Blackface speakers which supposedly had a harsher bite to them. I don't find that to be the case at all when comparing them side by side to Vintage 30s, which really are much brighter and more aggressive in the mids and highs. Since I just put them in to replace a Marshall Celestion Vintage 30 & G12H 30 70th Anniversary speaker, I'll play them long enough to give them a good breaking in to make my final determination and will probably end up using one of these along with a Vintage 30 to get the best of both vintage and modern tones. However, when playing some of the same Hendrix Monterey style riffs with the amp cranked, fuzz set on 'Monterey" the Vintage 30 seems to get closer to Jimi's original sounds than the G12Cs. While they are much smoother on the ear, they seem to lack some of that "Wild Thing" type of edge, though not entirely. In some respects they do have that warm and smooth Jimi style Wind Cries Mary, Hey Joe tones that the Vintage 30 lacks but for Purple Haze edge, it's Vintage 30s all the way.

Likes: Smooth, Warm, Open, Airy, Woody

Dislikes: Not enough lower and upper mid fatness or highs as compared to the Vintage 30

Famous Users: Slash, Paul Gilbert, Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Luke Morely & Ben Mathews (Thunder),  Paul Mahon (The Answer)


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