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Robin Trower Signature Strat Clone - Musikraft Neck

Here is my latest project which is now my hands down favorite Strat. It's based on the Robin Trower Signature Strat which I've been wanting to get for the past few years but have never been able to pull $3k together on one lump to get one, plus, I'd like to play one before buying but have never seen one in any store to try out.

However, I have what I feel is a spot on re-creation or better in that this one has a Callaham steel block and saddles which kicks the crap out of anything Fender is putting out these days, as well as Sperzel locking tuners (as is used on RT's model), Midnight Wine signature color, a Custom 50s neck pickup, custom 60s middle pickup and a Tex-Mex bridge pickup along with a CBS style Reverse headstock one piece maple neck made by Musikraft which I have to say absolutely blew me away when I saw the build quality which is by far superior to any Fender neck I've ever played, (custom shop models included).

I specified a TUSQ nut, bullet truss true to RT's model, green abalone dots, black side dots, thin C profile which is not too fat or thin, and an almost exact match to a real '68 Strat I recently played. The frets are medium jumbo and not to metallic sounding like those jumbo frets Fender is using now on the American Special but they appear to be already dressed as they're smooth as a baby's behind and silky smooth edges with no sharpness anywhere. Nitro lacquer finish allows the wood to breath and the fattest tone I've ever heard jumps right out at you loudly like a piano. If there was ever a Rolls Royce of necks this one is it! The wood grain is flawless. It took around 6 weeks total but the wait was well worth it. Logo added at bottom which is what would be on a Hendrix Tribute Reverse Headstock Strat. Check it out below...I'll post some clips of how it sounds in a few...