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Jimi Hendrix - Robin Trower Tribute Band
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Audio Clips Down Below

Guitar: Is a Robin Trower Signature Stratocaster clone in so far as the pickups. It laso Custom Reverse '60s headstock 1 piece maple neck on Alder Wine body, Callaham steel trem assembly, pickups custom '50s neck from a '56 Strat relic, middle custom '60s pickup from a '60s No Neck Strat, and a Tex Mex in bridge position.

The effects chain for this stereo setup. The board on the left goes into an AB/Y splitter into the Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 head and into a cab loaded with 2x Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The smaller board on the right goes into the Bugera 1960 (1959 Plexi clone). The Vintage Modern gives a warm vintage sound while the Bugera has an edgier jagged Plexi tone. Both sound amazing by themselves or in stereo.

Pedal Pad MPS board on left begins from the guitar into a new Experience Hendrix Wah (off board) into the boards first pedal which is a Fulltone Deja 2 Deja Vibe (Shine-ei Uni-Vibe clone) > Fulltone Soul Bender Fuzz (no longer made) > Fulldrive II (1990 hand wired version) > Robin Trower Signature Overdrive RTO > Original Fulltone Fat Boost #291 > Fulltone OCD signed by Robin Trower v.2 upgraded to v.3 > 1980s Green label MIJ Boss CE-2 Chorus (super sweet!) > Voodoo Lab Proctavia (Replaced by Hendrix Octavio), Electro Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress > Behringer DR600 Digital Reberb > MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay > Boss TU-2 Tuner.

Board on right has SweetSound Ultra Vibe (another Uni-Vibe clone) made by the late great Bob Sweet > Eventide ModFactor (check out my clips), > Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble > Fulltone '69 Fuzz (Germanium no longer made), Dunlop Rotovibe. There are also 2 more boxes full of pedals (not shown that I use) including the Hendrix LLC Octavio, Electric Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, L6 Liqua Flange, L6 Roto Machine, Vox Clyde McCoy Hand Wired RI, Area 51 Vintage Italian Wah, Hendrix Blue Silicon Fuzz Face, Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face with NKT-275 germanium transistors. Way Huge Fat Sandwich Harmonic Distortion Saturator. Electro Harmonix English Muffn' tube overdrive, etc. etc....

Note: All clips recorded with pedals below into Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 100 watt head into 2x12 Open cab with Marshall branded Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers, It was the first time try out for a drummer who hadn't heard of most of these songs just a day or so before recording so they are a bit rough and a work in progress!

Robin Trower Tribute Band Rehearsal 3-06-10

The below clips guitar parts were recorded with a Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 100 watt head into a Marshall Mode IV 4x12 cabinet loaded with G12K-100 speakers, along with a Bugera 1960 100 watt Plexi clone head that sounds amazing since upgrading the output transformer with a raging Magnetic Components, Inc, Classic Tone 14-18026 Marshall Style: 4/8/16 Ohm, 100W Output Transformer into a Marshall JCM 900 4x12 cabinet loaded with G12M Greenback speakers.

The Vintage Modern uses KT66 big bottle tubes and provides that fat mid 60s Hendrix type sound of the original JTM45/100 laydown transformers combined with a Plexi tone circuit; while the EL34 based Bugera upgraded with the Classic Tone transformer provides that raging mid '70s cutting edge, biting tone with the Marshall roar! Add the two together and you have it about as close as you're going to get it to the old sounds. The band is still a work in progress and not yet quite ready hit the road so there's some usual mistakes and an occasional out of tune parts, but you'll get the idea. It was recorded with the new Zoom Q3 Video recorder that Joe Satriani and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) has been pushing.

The Fender Robin Trower Strat clone (signed by Robin himself) has Fender CS 50's in neck, CS 60s. middle and Tex Mex pickup in bridge and is the one above. The effects chain is a Shin-ei Uni-Vibe >> Fulldrive II >> Robin Trower Overdrive RTO >> Fat Boost >> OCD (all Fulltone pedals) last is an MXR Carbon Copy Delay into Boss TU-2 tuner. Outputs split into both amps in stereo. Note: Check out the audio clips below video this video...


Here's Jimi's original Marshall '66 JTM45/100 no fuzz necessary! No other one like it on the planet folks.


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