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Fender '67 - '68 Left Handed Stratocaster Maple Cap Neck MIJ 1-16 | 17-32 | 33-48 | 49-64 | 65-77

Added shrink tube insulation.
Monte Allums Teflon wire to output jack. No input cavity shield needed with this stuff. Ground on one end only to volume pot shell.
Insulate pots and all solder connections with electrical tape to avoid contact with shield and help cut RF
Graph Tech Tusq Nut PQ-5010-00 for Import Strat. Had to sand approx. 1/8th on both sides and round out back to fit rounded neck radius.
filed down string heights to 4/64s above fret board as stock Strats measure
Notice nicely matched maple cap grain grain. Got nut and pots from RaysCustomShop.com Best parts guy on net!
Side view Body Fully Reconstructed after pickup install, new white knobs and pup covers
Another view
Notice righty trem arm in opposite direction. Fom watching Jimi, I think he used righty ones. Not sure they even make lefty arms but works perfetc for me being a righty!
The Lefty-Reverse Twins! Opposites attract! :-)
Left '68 Lefty Strat, right is Reverse 60s Strat with lefty neck but righty body and voodoo bridge pup reverse angled. Cool huh?!
Notice logo differences. Japan logo is reversed and missing additional text. Maybe replace with Voodoo Strat reverse mirror logo?! :-)
Sound clip comparisons up top!
Fender '67 - '68 Left Handed Stratocaster Maple Cap Neck MIJ 1-16 | 17-32 | 33-48 | 49-64 | 65-77