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Fender '67 - '68 Left Handed Stratocaster Maple Cap Neck MIJ 1-16 | 17-32 | 33-48 | 49-64 | 65-77

Used Monte Allums Teflon Shielded cable for run to input jack on hot wire. No jack cavity shielding required with that stuff!
Masking tape holds wires nicely in place to lay in routed cavity channels.
MonteAllums.com sells full thicker pre-cut Strat shield but couldn't wait and used his 811 sheet and fashioned my own.
Fully lined copper tape into cavities from larger 8x11 sheet with sticky backing. Then spot soldered seams for continuity.
Monteallums.com sells the pickup cutouts for .10 cents when they make pickguard shields! Grab a bunch and line the pickup cavities!
Test continuity with multi-tester point tips set to 20k Ohms. Zero reading is good! Anything above, hit with a dab of solder on seam.
5 way Euro style switch.
Fender simple backward logo
Hand Dotted Markers with Felt Pen. Wore off in 2 days! Need another solution
Lefty strap hole needed to be drilled for righty which has been done as shown.
Copper on pickguard and on cavity edges to touch to create full shield.
Capacitors were .22uf on neck and .1uf on bridge. Changed to .047 Sprague Orange Drop bridged across both pots.
Had to enlarge pot holes for larger CTS style pots.
Japan half sized old pot compared to larger CTS pot on right. Not sure if there's any quality differences or not but better safe than sorry.
Neck and Bridge pups on middle tone pot, Middle on end pot by itself. Simple to bridge neck and bridge pup together with short jumper wire on switch
.047uF Orange Drop Cap smooth! Not too dark, not too bright.
Fender '67 - '68 Left Handed Stratocaster Maple Cap Neck MIJ 1-16 | 17-32 | 33-48 | 49-64 | 65-77