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Fender '67 - '68 Left Handed Stratocaster Maple Cap Neck MIJ 1-16 | 17-32 | 33-48 | 49-64 | 65-77

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Equipment Used: Fender '68 Left Handed Stratocaster MIJ with '68 Left Hand Pickups as used in the Voodoo Strat (pics below). Marshall JCM 800 Split Channel w/Reverb 50 Watt Combo 1986 into a 2x12 Cabinet loaded with G12C Greenbacks as used in the Jimi Hendrix JH100 Stack (next to impossible to get). Pedals used: Fulltone OCD set on 8 am (next to off on gain) and SweetSound Ultra Vibe, MXR Carbon Copy Delay with a touch of reverb.

See guitar and pickup upgrades and shielding performed below....

Was sold as 68 Lefty Strat but neck pocket says STB-67L instead.
Seymour Duncan Bridge Humbucker about to go!
7.25 Radius Neck True to Jimi spec
Fender simple backward logo
Lefty CBS Style Transition Headstock
Kluson Style Vintage Tuners
Serial number indicates U + 6 digits 1995-1996
50th Anniversary Model
Aged knobs and pup covers about to be replaced
Notice chromed bridge saddles! Metric Wrench needed.
Smooth Lacquered Fret Board. Sweet!
Maple Cap - No bullet truss or skunk stripe on back. Just like Jimi's Woodstock & Black Beauty Strats!
Beautiful neck to body fit. Amazing smooth detail and light as a feather!
Excellent chrome saddles, no string cuts because of extra protection to the steel.
Not sure of decal but cover is going!
Who ever wanted a skunk stripe anyway? Pee Yew!!
Fender '67 - '68 Left Handed Stratocaster Maple Cap Neck MIJ 1-16 | 17-32 | 33-48 | 49-64 | 65-77